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Aerospace and Defense

What’s on the horizon of aerospace and defence industry in upcoming years?




Technological advancement is acting like the DNA for various business sectors. There are several non-technical industries too that are incorporating latest technologies and giving a kick start to their never ending business growth, then why aerospace and defence industry will lag back in the race of technological advancements. There were certain prototypes on which A&D industry ever worked, but now this sector is also getting influenced with the rapid technological growth. The upcoming years are going to unfold few unseen and never imagined aspects of A&D industry with a huge spike in industry development. Technologies and innovations are going to completely reshape A&D sector ranging from short term to long term changes.

Significant changes in aerospace and defence industries are listed below:

Electric propulsion aircraft:

Aerospace industry is backed up with a number of technological developments but still there are certain loop holes that are acting as the hindrance for the business growth. Rocket propulsion was one of those that resulted in an increase of carbon emission. Now most of the aerospace companies all over the globe started developing electric propulsion system that assisted them to reduce the aircraft cost, make it lighter, noise free and also decrease the carbon emission.

Automated flight deck:

In present time aerospace industry is incorporating automation to most of its applications, such as automated cockpit, automated flight controls, etc. but now, with the growing need of aviation industry, aerospace sector is looking to develop automated flight deck to reduce the crew members in flights and also satisfying the increasing demand of pilots.

Urban air mobility:

Vehicles with urban air mobility can be expected to come in the market by next decade. Now, technology is tending to generate pilotless vehicles. These aircrafts will be incorporated with energy management systems, collision detection systems, sensor, and many other technologies to make it affordable with excellent results.

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Aerospace and Defense

How cyber security plays a crucial role in defense industry?




In defense sector every minute is important, a delay of single minute can create big loses. Defense requires a technology which is efficient, prompt, and quick, just like its force. Like other business industries, defense is also heading towards the digital world with a growing digital data generation, storage, and also transmission. Data security in defense industry holds a critical level that weighs equal to security of the nation. The defense data are exchanged at several levels and this sensitive data being on a digital channel has a threat of cyber-attack. The US government has issued several cyber security regulations those are mend for the defense contractors in order to boost the security.

Role of cyber security in defense:

The main objective of cyber security is to protect information and data saved on digital networks and also to provide a safe channel for data propagation. Like other business sector, now most of the military operations are digitized and the information about their each activity is critical and confidential. Hence, defense sector demands a highly robust digital channel that can never be intruded by anyone. There are no such digital channel or network that can’t be intruded, but can be walled up for more privacy and security using cyber security that covers each and every loop hole  present in the network and also provides a beforehand information about the malicious activities if detected at any stage of network. Cyber security makes the digital channels reliable for the most critical use too.

How cyber security is kept robust for defense and aerospace industry?

To ensure the robustness of cyber security there are various relations implied by the UUK ministry of defense, and the planning for further regulation implementation are still going on by the top organizations, such as Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and more. As per the new protocols, the supplier of information need to be ensured that the information they are generating are adequately protected. In case any cyber activity is detected then they must report to the relevant authorities.

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Aerospace and Defense

Drone technology: A new face of aerospace and defense industry




Drones, also known as unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) are an amazing innovation which can be considered as a miniature pilotless aircrafts in the air preprogrammed for the functionalities and also can be controlled from a far distance. These small aircrafts are gaining a rapid popularity among various industries but the mass adoption of this technology is still a question mark for several industries. On the other hand there are few industries which were considered as impenetrable for such technologies are now adopting the drone technology at a huge scale for distinct purposes, and one of those sectors are defense. The drones have made its impeccable space in those industries which were stagnant for other technologies. Right from the delivery at the peak and busy hours till penetrating in a far military camp, drone has proven its expertise and efficiency. It has a potential to increase the work efficiency and drag the workload down by automating certain tasks.

Uses of drones in today’s world:

Uses of drones are myriad but there are certain industries where drones have proven as a boon and have made work simpler and swift too. Few of amazing areas where drones have burst out as miracle are listed below:

  • Aerial photography:

There are certain places on the earth which are impossible to reach physically or may be unreachable at certain times. Here drone comes in as a hero that can be navigated to any direction at any height by incorporating various technologies to capture aerial images of such geo locations.

  • Express shipping and deliveries:

In local geo locations shipping is a tough task, especially at the rush hours. Drones can help you for the fast track delivery by using air ways to reach a specific location and delivery product.

  • Disaster management:

Natural calamities are a curse that affects one or another part of our globe. At those tough times it is necessary to help and rescue people living is disaster occurred locations. Sometimes, due to unfavorable conditions manual help is not an option for the disaster management. Here we can use drones to supply essentials to the folks struggling with the calamities.  Also, drones can be used to gather information about those places for better rescue and management planning.

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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook in 2020




The year 2020 has come up with several challenges for everyone. None of the business industries are untouched from its impact and so the aerospace and defense industry too.  Based on the last year’s business growth, year 2020 was predicted with lot more hopes and was forecasted with a high demand of aircrafts. The rapid technological growth was expected to come up with many more latest innovations to bring revolution in the industry. Since, the pandemic hit the globe very immensely and dragged all the predictions below the line. Now, aerospace and defense industry requires a potential strategy that can cover up all the new challenges occurred due to pandemic and again thrive over the industry with new ray of hopes.

Impact on commercial aerospace:

Anyhow, aerospace is one of the most impacted business sectors due to pandemic but the major consciousness has been witnessed by commercial aerospace sectors that even lad many aerospace agencies to windup their services due to least traffic of passengers. To recover from the challenges and loss occurred in the recent year, aerospace and defense has come up with new trends, which are listed below:


Regardless of the downfall seen by the world, still the countries are facing security threats and it is giving a major lead to the defense sector. There has been experienced a higher demand in military equipment. To fulfill these recent demands, defense sector is coming up with latest technology producing more robust equipment giving a security to various countries and intensifying their security measures.


Commercial aerospace industry was facing a downfall since past two years. The year 2019 also wasn’t great in terms of economy but condition was better as compared to year 2018. The backlog as expected to be concealed in year 2020 but it was not fulfilled due to certain economic conditions. Now to overcome the challenges and pour success in the bag of commercial aerospace industry, the sector is coming with a latest technology which will backup the industry with fuel efficiency, automation and better connectivity.

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