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Customer Experience (CX)

What is customer’s experience management and its uses?




Customer is the backbone for every business regardless of the industry it belongs to. Knowing your customer is very crucial for a business to serve in a better way. Customer’s perception is becoming a major input for most of the businesses. It can be done by building a better relationship between the brands and the customers by knowing their life cycle. With the growing technological trends, brands are able to incorporate customer’s experience management tools that build a bridge between you and your customers. The designing of customer’s experience management has been done in a way that brands get to know the customer’s reactions and requirements. This will help the companies to increase customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

How to use customer’s experience management effectively?

Customer’s experience management is a potential tool only if it is used effectively. Here are few tips to use this tool for your business development.

  • Create and maintain complete customers profile:

To understand your customers in a better way you need to know the personal details of your customers. To deliver an unsurpassed experience to your customers, customer’s experience management tool enable you to track personal details of your customers and store the details by making their complete profile. This will not only tell you the journey of your customer with your brand but also let you know the experience with your competitors too.

  • Make it personal:

Personalized solutions and care is loved by everyone. In today’s hustle and bustle of life, none of the folk has time to keep searching for their requirements. Most of the folks love to get personalized solutions within a few fractions and few taps of finger tips on the mobile screen. Customer’s experience management help the brand to know the preferences of the customers and serve them with the most personalized solutions by keeping records of their previous choices.

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Customer Experience (CX)

Top customer experience technology trends emerging in 2021 for the insurance sector





In today’s world, almost every business is approaching an enhancement in the customer experience and hence they are inducing the latest technology to create industry-driven solutions. The business landscapes are changing at a fast pace and the experiences of customers have taken a radical change with the technology change. The thought of reshaping the customer experience was snuggling by the business sectors but the budget has remained the biggest issue, now with the emergence of the new era and latest technologies, the budget constraints are reducing the gaps with the businesses. Here are the best technologies which have continuously worked for the enhancement of customer experience.

The major technologies accepted by the insurance sector are predictive analytics, voice-of-x programs, artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice assistance, augmented reality, IoT, cybersecurity, and many more. The very initial channel that worked to embrace the potential of customer engagement is artificial intelligence and big data.

Artificial intelligence and big data: Initially artificial intelligence was accepted by the insurance sector as a fraud-detection tool but gradually artificial intelligence became the base of the sector and created its importance in each level of operations. The best example of the potential of artificial intelligence is the automated claiming process reducing the time of claims and also reduces the queue at the office. With the use of artificial intelligence, even the insurance sector can serve personalized products to the customers based on their requirements, irrespective of the one policy set for all thought. To serve the customers with personalized products big data has also contributed along with artificial intelligence. Each technology is connected with each other to serve the mankind in best possible way. The major technologies which has been combine with artificial intelligence to embrace the power of insurance sector are big data, machine learning, and IoT.

Machines are now enabling with automated procedures and the automation is directed by the data stored within. Here, big data is helping the machines to collect and process the required data for further operational activities.

Each technology is connected with

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Customer Experience (CX)

CEM market in COVID-19 outbreak




The market of CEM (customer experience management) is expected to expand from 8.5 billion of USD in 2020 to 14.9 billion USD in 2025, at 11.8% of CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). The driving forces of this market includes the requirement for improving the customer engagement as well as minimise the churn rates of customer, other factors being stronger understanding of customers, using scores given by customers for planning the strategies of customer experience management.

How global CEM is being impacted by COVID outbreak?

The COVID-19 has resulted in extended lockdowns, being attentive about health and pervasive uncertainty. All these situations are remoulding customer’s behaviours. It is challenging for product/ service providers to comprehend behaviour and lay a plan that is fruitful in long run.

Overall growth of global CEM market has medium impact because of outbreak, and significant impact on core sectors like logistics, transportation and manufacturing, and moderate impact on non-core sectors, like IT, e-commerce and telecom. On the other side, during these times health care industry played an important role which significantly adopting the CEM solutions during rampant as there is increase in count of customers.

Actions which solves immediate needs of customers

  • Focus on concern and care: where companies need to make their community and employees as their priority, also employees need to understand and be true to values and purpose of company, reach out the customers with support.
  • Meeting customers at their place: digital innovations models has made to help customers and prevent from the COVID outbreak by giving customers the expanded delivery options to home, and contactless operations.
  • Rethinking about situations post-COVID: customers migrating to digital channels and saving money and enhance satisfaction. The brick and mortar store will be transformed post crisis. Forced cost cuts due to economic hard times.
  • Building agile solutions for fluid situations: using social Medias rather than survey for immediate customer readings, having test and scale laboratory to save time, focusing on failure models which indicates the missing of customers signals.

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Customer Experience (CX)

Challenges that can hinder the customer experience management strategies




To stay ahead of the existing competition you must be well-aware of rapidly changing marketing trends. All type of businesses, regardless of their size and domain has one thing in common that is their customers. Customer retention is one of the major aspects that impacts overall performance and revenue generation of a business. Now, with the frequent technological transformations, most of the businesses have incorporated latest technologies such as customer experience management to streamline their business operations with respect to the customers. This approach helps them to personalize the interaction with the customers.

Marketing leaders and the top brands have already recognized the importance of incorporating customer experience management system with a future objective. Are you also willing to enhance the customer’s experience by using a proper management strategy? Then you must first consider the challenges which may bother your business operations before incorporating it.

Challenges which may question your customers experience management strategies:

  • Customer behavior analysis:

Understanding the customer’s behavior and a shift from one product to another is very challenging. It requires a precise observation and continuous monitoring. Most of the businesses struggle to get an action on their portal for which they must encourage the customers to finish their shopping with various means. To achieve this objective you may require a detailed eye precision over every action occurred on your portal. To simplify this task you can take assistance of the customer experience management tool that tracks each activity on your website and send notifications to the customers leading them to complete their purchase.

  • Limitation with technological knowledge:

All the customer experience management tools are made user-friendly to ensure the use of it by every single business. But a basic technological knowledge is required to leverage all the benefits from the tool and making effective use of it for the business management. To do so you require a professional who holds a master hand on the technology and is well equipped with the tool to serve you with the best output.

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