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What are the advanced applications of virtual reality?




Virtual reality is gaining a rapid popularity among folks due to its amazing features that let you penetrate into a virtual world and experience it with all senses. The hardware and software both contributes equally to make this technology a hot topic among all aged folks. The applications of virtual reality are numerous but the current market is using only few of those. As per studies and predictions, the sector of virtual reality will expand further and will gulp all the business sectors with its potential.  If you are more curious to know the applications of virtual reality with which it can transform our world and can give us a better tomorrow then you are at the right page. Here we have mentioned top used virtual reality applications.

Thriving applications of virtual reality:


Virtual reality has given us a power to manipulate virtual objects of virtual world using real world moments. With VR you cannot just penetrate into the virtual world but can sense various senses. To interact with the virtual objects you must analyze the object, its position, distance, and other characteristics. In order to enable your interaction with the virtual world, tracking technology plays a crucial part that tracks your motion and syncs it with the virtual world.

The tracking system provides:

  • Accuracy in calculating the connected devices
  • It provide excellent filters for noise reduction that provides a stable virtual image
  • Low latency

Digital prototypes:

With the growing digitized age, most of the industries turned towards digital world having rigid digital prototypes for their growth. The virtual reality uses a head mounted device that connects the user to the virtual world and it also presents an object with the digital prototypes with flexibility to 360 degree view and select the required prototype for their better user experience. The presentations with power to penetrate the user are performed using CAVEs or powerwalls technology.  This technology is coming up with a new wave of growth in automotive industry in which they will be enabled to test the design and can experience an upcoming car model without any physical model.

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Miracles of virtual reality in physical therapy




Every year, there are more than a billion people struggle from strokes and traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are curable and require physical therapies to get rid of it. The numbers of folks are increasing rapidly, and most of those are untreated due to the expensive treatments that are not affordable by a common man. To give a healthier tomorrow we require a cost effective treatment method. The intention of physical therapy is to treat serious brain injuries by improving the posture, range of motion, endurance, strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and joint mobility, to enable the folk to perform their day to day activities easily. As per the study conducted over the physical therapies shows that it is not really being an effective for the treatment to approx. 65% of patients due to the irregularity folks shows coming to the therapy centre and they leave it due to no positive results. Here walk in the value and role of virtual reality that give an open space to the physical therapy treatment to reach out people living in remote areas too and treat them effectively and effortlessly.

Role of virtual reality in physical therapies:

In the recent years, virtual reality is gaining a quick popularity among gamers and gaming industry. But, the innovators and digital experts are predicting virtual reality as one of the potential tool that holds a calibre to bring huge transformations in every business sector. The inception of virtual reality in the physical therapies is really simple. With this tool we can make their therapies very comfortable at their home allowing them to interact with their fitness trainer from their location and making the therapies more fun filled and joyous. Virtual reality is incorporated with various applications or you can also term it as exercises. Each exercise is dedicated for the treatment or development of different body parts. User can use it any time based on their requirement and comfort.

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Human Sensory Possibility of Virtual Reality




When we talk about perception, we include a number of senses in it, namely vision, physical touch, auditory, gustatory, and nociceptive senses and more. Even if you ask the happiest folk about their feeling them it might be perfect blend of all the emotions and senses. To enjoy the moment at its best, one need to sense the moment, they wishes to move with it, and make it so handy. There are a number of VR applications, but most of them are developed with typically two senses, i.e. vision and audio. As per the studies conducted over several markets with respect to virtual reality shows that increased number of senses simulated in the virtual reality device can enhance the user’s experience and can bring an elevated response in terms of ROI and sales.

Different human sensory required by a VR to gain the heights of success:


Human vision is one of the best gifts by God to human to understand its surroundings. Human brain and vision works together to understand this world, but they work on completely different aspects and measurements. The most crucial aspects required by eyes to understand the environment properly are persistence of vision, depth perception and visual field. For virtual reality to provide the best visual experience all the above mentioned aspects are required. Incorporating all these elements can enhance the visual feature and give a real world experience to the users.


Our human body is very much depended on the sound to determine our surroundings. For us, hearing power is as important as our vision. Same for the virtual reality also, it also requires hearing power to make it a potential device for the sense of presence. Now to give a realistic presence to the virtual world, VR industry is looking to develop a 3D audio system that can sync with the 3D vision and give best user experience. Aspects of human hearing that must be included in VR to make it best device are binaural hearing, lateral sound localization, elevation, pinna, back and front sound detection, understanding of distance and many more. Every aspect mentioned above enables the human body to understand the type of object, distance from the object, etc.

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Challenges faced by Virtual reality to become reality




Virtual reality is undoubtedly a great innovation having the potential to change several industries. Every excellent innovation has some loopholes that makes the technology incomplete and gives an open space for further improvements. Virtual reality also belongs to the group of technologies that have a possibility for development. Most of the enterprises are looking forward to add VR and AR to their working mechanisms and make their procedures more effective and efficient. But in the root map of adopting these high end technologies, most of the business world is facing issue. To become one of the widely used technologies, VR & AR must overcome all challenges. Few challenges face by VR & AR industry is discussed further.

Challenges for virtual reality:


VR is developed with an intension to give a mesmerizing experience to the user of interacting to the virtual world with their real world movements. The development procedure and materials used in this head mounted device are very expensive, making the end product also weigh a higher price. This is being the greatest hindrance for the VR industry which is driving consumers away from this technology. Now the challenge in front of developers is to reduce the development cost of this device to make it affordable.

Tempting content:

If cost of VR is dragged down to make it affordable, still there is another hindrance in the growth of VR industry. The mechanism of VR is made to enhance the visual experience, now even there are few games also that are offer by this industry. But, is it enough to grab a crucial place in business sectors? Of course not, VR industry needs to develop more tempting and productive content that plays an important role for various business sectors in development. Still this industry is lagging an app that can fulfill requirements of entrepreneurs as well as entertainment seekers. VR must boost up developing apps that can be used in expos, business meetings, conferences, and other social meetings at a larger scale, so as to help those businesses in serving a one to one content for everyone.

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