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Top 25 Biotechnology CEOs of 2020

The field of biotechnology extensively discovers application in a myriad of industries such as agriculture, downstream chemical processing, and bio-services. Depending on these applications and tools, it at times overlays with related fields such as molecular engineering, bio-manufacturing, biomedical engineering, and bioengineering. Biotechnology also is the ideal remedy for curing certain diseases and the right solution for creating certain types of drugs: biological molecules are sometimes the only solution when drugs cannot be manufactured synthetically.

Today, the growing demand for new technologies such as tissue engineering, fermentation, recombinant technology, and DNA sequencing is expected to magnify the size of the biotechnology industry. With the advanced technologies, it is vital to consider the experts in the industry on how they embrace and implement technology innovations. In this edition of TechCEOs, we are bringing to you the Top 25 Biotech CEOs of 2020. The key objective is to help you gain insight on transformation of biotech and enhance the quality of your products and services. The issue gives a myriad of experiential learning from C-level executives and experts in the biotechnology industry. Presenting to you the Top 25 Biotech CEOs of 2020.

Serge Saxonov,  CEO

Serge Saxonov, CEO

10X Genomics

10X Genomics provides an innovative genomics platform.

Robert A. Bradway, CEO

Robert A. Bradway, CEO


A values-based company, deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illnesses.

Sergey Musienko, CEO

Sergey Musienko, CEO

Atlas Biomed

The Atlas DNA and gut microbiome tests evaluate your health status and provide personalised recommendations to improve wellbeing.

Abraham Heifets, Co-Founder & CEO

Abraham Heifets, Co-Founder & CEO


Atomwise develops artificial intelligence systems using powerful deep learning algorithms and supercomputers for drug discovery.

Amy Ronneberg,  CEO

Amy Ronneberg, CEO

Be The Match BioTherapies

Be The Match BioTherapies is the only cell and gene therapy solutions provider with customizable services to support any stage of the supply chain, from the point of patient identification through cell harvest, therapeutic intervention & long-term outcomes data collection.

John Evans,  CEO

John Evans, CEO

Beam Therapeutics

Beam Therapeutics is pioneering the use of CRISPR base editing to develop precision genetic medicines that treat disease.

Soheil Shams,  CEO

Soheil Shams, CEO


BioDiscovery, Inc. is dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art software products for life science research as well as clinical applications.

Khatija Ali Founder & CEO

Khatija Ali Founder & CEO


3D printed drug delivery platform to provide FDA approved drugs locally, avoiding negative systemic effects.

Othman Laraki,  CEO

Othman Laraki, CEO

Color Genomics

Color is a population health technology company that enables the delivery of advanced healthcare through clinical genetics.

Brendan Frey, CEO

Brendan Frey, CEO

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is using artificial intelligence to build a new universe of life-saving genetic therapies.

Richard Daly, CEO

Richard Daly, CEO


DNAnexus combines expertise in cloud computing and Bioinformatics to create a global network for genomic medicine.

Gabe Otte,  CEO

Gabe Otte, CEO


Freenome is a biotechnology company on a mission to empower everyone with the tools they need to detect, treat, and ultimately prevent their diseases.

Mike Klein,  CEO

Mike Klein, CEO


Genomenon develops software tools to rapidly and autonomously prioritize data points for decision-making.

Francis deSouza, CEO

Francis deSouza, CEO


Illumina is a innovative technologies and revolutionary assays to the analysis of genetic variation and function.

Maria Chatzou Dunford, CEO

Maria Chatzou Dunford, CEO


Lifebit CloudOS is the intelligent genomics platform that is the industry standard for unified, secure research over distributed big data.

Stephane Bancel,  CEO

Stephane Bancel, CEO


Moderna Therapeutics specializes in drug discovery and drug development based on messenger RNA.

Dmitriy Shtokalo,  CEO

Dmitriy Shtokalo, CEO

Novel Software Systems

Novel Software Systems is an innovative BioIT company at the junction of science and IT. We combine expertise in biology and in data analysis technology to develop practical solutions in such spheres as medicine and pharmacology.

Henry J Legere,  CEO

Henry J Legere, CEO

Reliant Immune Diagnostics

A complete consumer-driven health telemedicine platform that provides testing, diagnosis, and monitoring solutions.

William Moss,  CEO

William Moss, CEO

Seven Bridges Genomics

Seven Bridges is the industry-leading unified bioinformatics solutions company accelerating precision medicine by enabling the understanding of biomedical data.

Paul Dabrowski,  CEO

Paul Dabrowski, CEO


Synthego is a developer of a precision tool designed to automate genome engineering research.

Eric Lefkofsky,  CEO

Eric Lefkofsky, CEO

Tempus Labs, Inc.

Tempus is making precision medicine a reality through the power and promise of data and artificial intelligence.

Andrew Radin,  CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Radin, CEO & Co-Founder


twoXAR is an artificial intelligence-driven drug discovery company.

Peter Gassner, CEO

Peter Gassner, CEO

Veeva Systems

Veeva Systems is a provider of cloud-based business solutions for the global life sciences industry.

Alice Zhang,  CEO

Alice Zhang, CEO

Verge Genomics

Verge Genomics uses machine learning and human genomics to accelerate drug discovery

Jo Varshney, Founder & CEO

Jo Varshney, Founder & CEO

VeriSIM Life

VeriSIM is focused on building personalized disease models which will change how patients’ treatment is administered.

Antibiotics and vaccines A gift of biotechnology

Antibiotics and vaccines: A gift of biotechnology

World has gone digitized, super swift, high tech, and a lot more advancement has been witnessed by the folks of present era, but also we are in the lap of a number of health issues that are restricting folks to lead their healthy and happy life. Along with the growth in various general life aspects, health issues are also strengthen by some or other means. Earlier also our world was facing such medical issues but the intensity was comparatively lower than present scenario. Hence, the antibiotics and vaccines used in the earlier life are now worthless. Now the present medical scenario demands a better and stronger medical facilities and treatments. Biotechnology has got solution for all these issues, as it offers the most advanced technologies for developing the most effective and harmless medical solutions. As compared to traditional times, now the ways of antibiotics production has been changed a lot and hence have got a number of better medical solutions.

Applications of environmental biotechnology

Applications of environmental biotechnology

Technological growth has given a new world to live and every single folk is enjoying the rapid advancements and its applications but somewhere we are ignoring the after effects of such developments. Most the adverse effects of technological and other developments are noticed on environment. Each successive day, the amount of pollution in the atmosphere is getting doubled. Pollution is not only effecting pollution but also effecting human lives. As a solution, environment biotechnology is emerging as a boon to restore the quality of our environment. There are certain procedures which are incorporated to retain the environmental quality. This is done by detecting the pollutants and finding best remedies for it. The major that causes pollutions are in three different states, solid liquid and gas. If these substances causing pollution can be resolved then a great difference can be brought in the environment.

Importance of Cell biology

Importance of Cell biology

Falling ill in our day to day life is a commonly seen scenario. In a day approx. 30% of folks feel sickness due to some or other problem related different body parts. Few of those are well familiar, having proper vaccine and treatment but few are really novel to treat it with existing treatments. Do you know, most of the health disorders are related to body cells or molecules? In order to understand various diseases properly and to find the best treatment, cell biology is a crucial factor. Either you talk about malaria or diabetes, cystic fibrosis or types of cancer, almost are caused due to cell or molecule level disorder. By understanding the cell activities and mechanism, cell biologist can determine the issue and are able to find the most potent and effective treatment. Sudden change in the health conditions are troubling human lives. It restricts daily life schedule too, but it can be sorted to a great extent by predicting health conditions. It is now possible with the help of cell biological advancements. It allows experts to determine the health condition of a folk by studying their genetic information.

Recombination of DNA A drift of transformation in medical sector

Recombination of DNA: A drift of transformation in medical sector

Technology of recombining DNA was discovered years ago and now it is gaining higher values in the medical sector. With the help of biotechnology DNA of different molecules are combined to generate a new species or organisms. This is using in various sectors apart from medical sector, such as agriculture, fishing, and many more. Earlier this technology was termed as genetic transformation but due to a possibility of explosion occurred in the earlier days the experiment was dragged into controversies. The idea behind this experiment was to isolate and modify individual genes. First development of DNA combination occurred when an American Biologist kept the theory that enzymes are responsible for joining and recombining separate species. As per the experts, every living creature has some specific DNA and in the presence of ligase only they can be glued together to generate a new one. Experts determined the ability to transfer foreign genetic material into cells, but this process was very inefficient. Then the development of technology came with a solution to use vectors for the efficient transfer of genes to a bacterial cell.

Biotechnology endorsing health solutions-min

Biotechnology endorsing health solutions

As a wise man said “Health is wealth”, but in today’s hustling and bustling life health is not kept as a prior aspect. In present life, 6 out of 10 folks are grabbed with some or other disease. Even each day is coming up with some or other new diseases which are costing life. Earlier there was no such solution for these deadly diseases but thanks to the development of biotechnology which is continuously helping medical sector to develop best solutions for these medical issues. Let’s get to know how biotechnology is creating a way to cure health issues. Biotechnology has boosted medical sector with vaccines and antibiotics which are developed using inactive or weak microorganisms. With the advanced technologies of biotechnologies even hormones can be formulated to a higher version making it a solution of various diseases. Solutions served by the biotechnologies are briefed below: Vaccines: No doubt, vaccines were developed since long but the technology used for the development of vaccines have been changed and also results.


Biotechnology promoting green energy

In the hustle and bustle of life, almost 95% folks use vehicles to match the speed of this running world. This is becoming the biggest reason for the culmination of natural energy resources. With the continuous use of natural resources, depletion is very near. At a time it was one of the major issues faced by the entire world but now with the advancements of biotechnology we have an apt solution which is not only giving an alternative to use but also helping this world in a number of ways. In recent days, biofuel is gaining a great importance worldwide, let’s get to know what biofuel is and how it is proving a boon for the mankind and nature.

As an alternative of regular fuel, biofuel is emerging in the recent days. This is made using plants and plant derived resources. This type of fuel is only used for transportation process and is derived in two types, i.e. bioethanol and biodiesel. Now let’s get familiar with these types of biofuel.

Bioprinting A Transformation In The Sector Of Medical Science

Bioprinting: A Transformation In The Sector Of Medical Science

Medical is one of the most important sectors not only in terms of technological growth but as a life savior. The advancements are very rapid and are giving new ways with which solving critical health issues are even possible. One of the major advancement is bioprinting which has emerged as a boon in tissue engineering and the advancement is completely oriented towards reconstructing and restoring the damaged tissues and organs too. A number of bioprinting technologies have been developed in the recent years and are well utilized for the various applications in real life. Bioprinting includes various methods of scaffolds fabrications to replicate certain tissues, vessels, heart valves, etc. In biomimicry each component of the native tissue is replicated as it is but is not a simple task, it includes a number of aspects to consider along with the procedure, such as temperature, pressure, and other electrical forces. To regulate each and every environmental aspect it is necessary to have a proper hold and combination of mechanical, chemical, and electrical variables.

disease diagnosis

Biotechnology In The Sector Of Disease Diagnosis And Its Treatment

Using a living organism for the improvement or reconstruction of a product is termed as biotechnology. Creation of any animal, plant, and even evolving of any micro-organism is done effectively with the use of biotechnology. In recent days, biotechnology has emerged with a number of advancements in various sectors. Here, we are discussing the amazing achievements of biotechnology in medical sector. Earlier, death rates were really high and the reason was futile disease diagnosing system, but now diagnosing a disease is much easier and appropriate.  With the breakthrough of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) detection has provided a new way to the medical sector. DNA is one of the basic hierarchies which is present in every form of life, right from the bacteria till the giant elephant. Cloning word itself refers to replication an object with all its characteristics. In molecular cloning, a molecule is replicated to produce a group of molecules with same DNA. The molecule cloning is done by taking the DNA of objected molecule and then treating it with apt enzymes in a test tube.


Exciting Development In The Sector Of Biotechnology

Evolution of technological growth is at its peak and every day is coming you with new and more effective approach for the betterment of society. Biotechnological growth is one of the greatest examples of this transformational world and is continuously enhanced with the latest innovations, breakthroughs and developments. As per the studies conducted in the sector of biotechnology it is depicted that upcoming five years will come with approx. 400% advancements and improved solutions. For delicate medical analysis a sophisticated technology was required which can detect certain health conditions immediately and can report the doctors and as a solution biotechnological advancements has offered biosensors. With the help of biosensors, monitoring of blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, breathing, etc. It is making medical sector more sensible and swift too. Bioprinting: 3D bio printing is one of the biggest achievements in the sector of biotechnology. With this technology, medical sector is able to save a number of live and assist folks in regaining their day to day life.


Technology Depends on Faster Adoption of Innovation

When Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) were introduced in the early 1970s the vision was clear: digitizing patient records would make healthcare more efficient, and better for the patient and provider. Fast forward to today—we’ve come a long way towards the goal of a better system, but we aren’t quite there. We’ve identified the industry’s pain points, and laid the groundwork for solutions. Widespread adoption of the three healthcare tech ideas below will be crucial to building a healthcare system that is better for patients and the clinicians alike. In 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) renamed “Meaningful Use” to “Promoting Interoperability”, which is a good indicator that we are inching closer to greater efficiency in healthcare. Essentially, interoperability means the ability for health information systems and software apps to communicate, exchange data and use the data they’ve shared. “Digitizing healthcare” was initially driven by revenue optimization and then care standardization. Clinical efficiency seems to be the forgotten promise but will ultimately be one of the most meaningful outcomes.


Shining a light between the rock and the hard place:

Apps, and their use for the promotion of health and wellbeing, are the subject of increasing interest and enquiry; particularly in light of the NHS’ Long Term Plan, and ever-increasing pressures on scarce NHS resources. But finding and downloading effective, engaging, and most importantly, safe health-apps, is a significant challenge. While many have suggested that health-apps could be a ‘silver-bullet’, aimed at quashing the woes that stem from decreasing funding and increasing demand for incumbent NHS services, it is important to tread with caution. Unlike pharmaceuticals, over the counter remedies, talking therapies, physiotherapy or surgery, health-apps can not only be sought, but readily obtained in absence of gatekeeping and safeguarding. The result is that you or I can download upwards of 200,000 health-apps today, with as little as a click of a button on the app-store. While this can be argued as the unique value-proposition of app-based health technologies, a lack of guarantees regarding the quality and content of such apps, means that this open-access feature of apps also represents the chief concern

Stephane Bourles, CIO at Brain Balance

AI to help kids struggling with ADHD, Asperger Syndrome (ASD) & PDD-NOS

In a properly functioning brain, both hemispheres communicate equally and at lightning speed, millions of times per minute. In a poorly functioning brain, the left and right sides of the brain only impart partial information, causing frequent miscommunication. This is called Functional Disconnection and is the root of many types of learning, behavioral and social problems found in children. The Brain Balance program puts the left and right brains back in sync using sensory motor exercises, academic skill building, and nutrition guidelines.  The assessment consists of sensory, motor, and academic testing of more than 900 functions. The outcome of this assessment is a highly customized report providing parents with a complete understanding of their child’s behavioral, social, and academic skill levels. We use AI to determine which brain hemisphere we believe to be stronger or weaker. The Machine Learning algorithm used for the assessment is not always accurate, which we know based on the feedback from our staff—yes we let them disagree with the system, which is intended as a tool to help them support their own assessment, but not to necessarily force them into a decision they don’t agree with.

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