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ThoughtSpot Launches Embedded Search-Driven Analytics Platform




Now every company can easily monetize their data by letting everyone both inside and outside an organization use search to analyze their enterprise data in seconds
New Extended Enterprise Edition lets customers and OEM partners easily embed ThoughtSpot’s Relational Search into their apps, extranets, and B2B portals designed for employees, partners, or customers.
Next generation scale-out architecture combined with unlimited user licensing designed to support millions of users.

PALO ALTO, CA. and GRAPEVINE, TX – March 7, 2017 – ThoughtSpot, the leader in search-driven analytics for the enterprise, today announced the general availability of a new Embedded Analytics solution available with ThoughtSpot’s new Extended Enterprise Edition. Recently recognized as a new entrant in the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report, ThoughtSpot is unveiling this new offering at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX this week.

ThoughtSpot’s Embedded Analytics solution enables organizations to deliver insights to employees, partners, and customers across their extended ecosystem, by infusing search-driven analytics into their custom business applications, B2B portals, and workflows. Through the power of Relational Search, ThoughtSpot vastly expands the reach of business intelligence so everyone both inside and outside the enterprise can now benefit from a search-driven experience to analyze data in seconds.

Easy-to-use analytics capabilities are no longer a nice-to-have for modern software solution providers and enterprises alike. As massive amounts of data is being generated, it is vital for companies to provide data access to users beyond the enterprise and find new innovative ways to monetize their data. Employees, customers, and partners have long relied on centralized BI or development teams to build reports for data insights. Unfortunately, the further away from these constrained resources, the longer it takes to get answers to data-driven questions. Similarly, solution providers attempting a “build-first” approach to their analytics capabilities have incurred increased costs and longer time-to-market in launching their solutions.

ThoughtSpot Extended Enterprise employs a next-generation analytics architecture powered by Relational Search. This new breed of BI architecture and in-memory calculation engine makes it easy to analyze billions of rows of data across multiple data sources, while delivering sub-second performance and governance at scale. As a result, non-technical business people beyond the boundaries of the enterprise can search to find fast answers to their data questions without relying on data experts. Simple to build, with flexible deployment options and an architecture that scales out with ease, ThoughtSpot Extended Enterprise provides the agility and control so solution providers can get to market fast.

“ThoughtSpot’s Embedded Search-Driven Analytics solution lets us deliver data insights directly to our customers in a way that’s intuitive and incredibly fast,” said Zahra Safavian, VP of Product at SSB Bart Group. “At SSB Bart Group, we are creating a world where digital technology can become a profound and empowering force in the lives of users with disabilities. With ThoughtSpot, we will make an impact even faster.”

“Search-driven analytics is revolutionizing how employees quickly and easily analyze their company data. We’re now thrilled to bring the same ease-of-use and performance-at-scale to our customers’ customers and partners,” said Ajeet Singh, co-founder and CEO of ThoughtSpot. “Now customers and partners can embed ThoughtSpot’s Relational Search into any business application, extranet, or portal. It’s now easier than ever for companies to monetize their data with human-scale analytics.”

ThoughtSpot’s Extended Enterprise capabilities include:

  • Seamless search-driven experience, infused into any application: Rather than waiting weeks or months for a backlogged BI or development team to create rigid charts and dashboards, ThoughtSpot’s embedded search-driven approach enables every business person inside or outside the enterprise to use the power of search to get instant answers to their data questions, just as easily as they use search in their personal lives. They can ask as many questions as they want, and be able to answer that next question instantly, without incurring the costs of tapping into constrained data experts to update reports.

  • Fast query performance at scale: ThoughtSpot’s next-generation analytics architecture is built from the ground up to deliver access to data at ‘human-scale’ and enable anyone to analyze their data in seconds. Its Relational Search Engine and built-in in-memory calculation engine makes it easy for millions of users to analyze billions of rows of data across multiple data sources, and delivers sub-second performance. No cubes, aggregations, summary tables or data marts are required to optimize for performance. As a result source data fidelity is maintained, enabling end users to flexibly ask questions on data at any level.

  • Centralized governance and security at scale: Expanding the reach of business intelligence well beyond enterprise boundaries requires a flexible and scalable governance framework that can scale to large numbers of users and security groups. ThoughtSpot provides granular column, object and row-level access control to a single shared data model across billions of records and scales to millions of users and hundreds of thousands of security groups. Fine-grained permissions ensure that only authorized users have access to the right set of data.

  • Flexible deployment options: ThoughtSpot offers many options to rapidly inject analytics in custom applications, portals or workflows. Embedding Relational Search delivers the full power of ThoughtSpot’s search-driven experience into any application. Combine that with pluggable charts and dashboards to embed any visualization into an application’s workflow. An extensive REST-based Data and Metadata API gives customers complete control to flexibly implement a custom look-and-feel on query result sets from ThoughtSpot. In addition, ThoughtSpot provides custom branding, white-labeling and OEM options to maintain a brand-consistent experience.

ThoughtSpot is a Premier Plus exhibitor at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX from March 6 – March 9, 2017 and is featuring its Extended Enterprise solution in an informative session on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 3:45pm CT as well as in Booth #413 in the Solution Showcase.

Pricing and Availability
ThoughtSpot Extended Enterprise is now generally available. ThoughtSpot software can be deployed on-premise or hosted in a cloud-based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services. Price is based on data volume and includes unlimited end user licenses. For more information, or to request a demo, please visit

About ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is a next generation analytics platform powered by the World’s first Relational Search engine. ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics lets business people build reports and dashboards in seconds. ThoughtSpot’s new breed of BI architecture and in-memory calculation engine was built from the ground up to make it easy to analyze billions of rows of data across multiple data sources, while delivering sub-second performance and enterprise-wide governance. ThoughtSpot connects with any on-premise, cloud, big data, or desktop data source and deploys 85% faster than legacy technologies. With ThoughSpot, BI & Analytics teams have cut their reporting backlogs by over 90% and enabled thousands of daily decisions throughout their organizations. ThoughtSpot has built the world’s most advanced, yet easy-to-use number-crunching machine with a singular mission – to deliver access to data and insights at “human scale.” For more information please visit

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Data Analytics

Teradata Accelerates Sasol’s Digitization Journey with Cloud-Based Analytics Architecture




Company wins prestigious Opti Award for innovative enterprise-ready analytical ecosystem

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading cloud-based data and analytics company, today announced that Sasol, a major international chemicals and energy company, is partnering with Teradata to create a robust analytical ecosystem that supports the company’s vision for creating a data-driven business strategy.

Sasol – which operates in 33 countries with revenue topping $21 billion – began a digitization strategy in 2015 with the goal of enabling the organization to generate, manage and use data-driven insights faster. Sasol’s enterprise information management team worked with Teradata, via the South Africa-based BYTES Technology Group, to define a new data architecture with methods and processes that enable Sasol to construct an enterprise-wide analytics program that reduces costs and improves the customer experience.

“Sasol understands the power of data and the value it can bring to day-to-day operations,” said Marius Brand, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Continuous Improvement at Sasol. “By leveraging Teradata’s expertise, we created an integrated data platform that consists of technology components, processes and methodologies that will enable a self-service environment in which our business units are able to identify intelligence and insights specific to their individual needs. The net result is that Sasol now has an environment that is enterprise-ready, so we can continue on the path of achieving a reliable, agile and extensible analytical enterprise that supports our business needs.”

At the center of this new analytical ecosystem is a cost-effective, sustainable and flexible cloud-based agile data platform. This well-governed, secure data platform supports scalable analytics in the cloud that enable new technical capabilities that include: high concurrency usage; data lab governance to empower analysts to develop their own data views and products; and an open and interoperable environment that is flexible and elastic to meet business demands.

By taking advantage of Teradata’s do-it-yourself deployment option via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Sasol was able to develop a full analytical ecosystem in just two months, ensuring its team was ready to support multiple corporate initiatives in operations, finance and supply chain. The cloud deployment also gave Sasol the scalability and flexibility it needed for its operational dollars, avoiding a major capital investment.

For its innovative solution, Sasol has been named the winner of the Teradata Opti Award in the prestigious “cloud revolution” category. Sasol was selected for the award by an independent panel of judges for harnessing the power of the cloud to extract new insights that lead to meaningful business outcomes. Johanna Malan, Sasol’s Vice President for Enterprise Information Management and Information Security, will present the company’s solution during Teradata Analytics Universe 2018.

“Digitization is disrupting the oil and gas industry, and Sasol is catapulting to the forefront of this digitization journey by embracing cloud-based analytics at scale,” said Malan. “Sasol understands that the winners of the digital revolution will embrace the power of their data and take the necessary steps to make that data understandable and actionable.”

Future projects could allow Sasol to innovate even further, such as using drones to fly along pipelines to monitor and transmit multiple types of sensor data for algorithms to detect pipeline asset health and monitor equipment inspections. Sasol’s global digitalization program, enabled by Teradata technology, is primed to deliver additional business value, by applying a wide range of data and digital solutions to remain competitive and relevant:

  • Enriching customer experience and supporting market growth by addressing customer pain points and utilizing masses of customer and market data;
  • Improving­­­ decision making and productivity by applying selective business process automation across a wide range of functional areas; and
  • Increasing operational throughput and efficiency through predictive maintenance and energy optimization using vast data points managed through the data ecosystem.

About Sasol

Sasol is a global integrated chemicals and energy company. Through our talented people, we use selected technologies to safely and sustainably source, produce and market chemical and energy products competitively to create superior value for our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.


Teradata transforms how businesses work and people live through the power of data. Teradata leverages all of the data, all of the time, so you can analyze anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics that matter. We call this pervasive data intelligence. And it’s the answer to the complexity, cost, and inadequacy of today’s approach to analytics. Get the answer at

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Data Analytics

Live Data Management Platform Rapidly Aggregates and Unifies Varied Data Sources, Offers Tableau Server, Online, and Now Desktop Users Self-Service Analytics and Enables Real-Time Data Visualizations




MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and AUSTIN, Texas – November 8, 2016 – Treasure Data, a leading cloud platform to make all data connected, current, and easily accessible, today announced full-stack integration with Tableau, adding new support for Tableau Desktop to expand upon its long time support for both Tableau Server and Tableau Online. By rapidly collecting and unifying data from various sources spread out across the enterprise and cloud, Treasure Data’s new Live Business Intelligence (BI) Connector for Tableau empowers business analytics teams to gain faster access and insights from their data sets. Treasure Data will be showcasing its new Live BI Connector at Booth #309 at the Tableau Conference, November 7-11 in Austin, Texas.

More than thirty companies, including Shiseido and MobilityWare, already benefit from the integration of Treasure Data with Tableau. With new Live BI Connector integration for Tableau, Treasure Data helps users gain an even better understanding of customer behavior at the speed of business – pairing intuitive dashboards with a high-powered data processing engine to enable business leaders to spot trends, identify market opportunities, and make data-based decisions with confidence, in real-time.

“It is no secret that the data points any enterprise is currently sitting on are growing exponentially by the day. The companies that are winning in their markets are those that have the know-how and systems in place to empower more of its workforce to make data-based decisions — resulting in faster, more predictable, and positive business outcomes,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, Treasure Data CEO & Founder. “Together with Tableau, we’re helping to unleash the power of analytics to more people — enabling them to access and visualize the data that matters most to their job role, their department, and their company.”

Treasure Data will showcase the new Live BI Connector for Tableau at the 2016 Tableau Conference in Austin, Texas — an event that gathers Tableau experts, partners, and customers to discuss, connect, and learn about data and analytics.

“The full-stack integration of Tableau with Treasure Data provides our mutual customers with the ability to efficiently aggregate and analyze data  to make more informed decisions regarding their business,” said Dan Kogan, Director of Product Marketing at Tableau. “We’re thrilled to partner with Treasure Data to empower our customers to tell powerful stories with data.”

For more information about how Treasure Data’s Live Data Management platform can transform the enterprise, please visit:

About Treasure Data

Treasure Data is a pioneer of Live Data Management – making all your organization’s data connected, current, and easily accessible to the people and algorithms that drive your business success. With a global customer base including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Pioneer, Subaru, Wish, and Pebble, Treasure Data’s clients generate more than two million events every second and make nearly seven million data queries monthly, resulting in more predictable and profitable business results. Founded in 2011 in Mountain View, California, with offices in Japan and Korea, Treasure Data is backed by Sierra VenturesScale Venture PartnersIT FarmSBIINCJ, Bill Tai, and Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, among others. For more information, visit

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Data Analytics

Flytxt launches Robo-X, the Artificial Intelligence companion for marketers




  • AI decisions throughout customer engagement cycle – from planning and execution to measurement and optimization

Dubai: Flytxt today announced the launch of Robo-X, a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Customer Engagement, which harnesses AI and Machine Learning to produce better marketing outcomes.

Robo-X is an AI designed to work alongside marketers –¬ whether that’s identifying new upsell and cross-sell opportunities, discovering insightful patterns, advising on offers and campaigns or assessing performance and indicating areas for improvement. It uses Flytxt’s proprietary AI platform and machine learning algorithms to discover important relations between consumers, products, offers, channels and competitive environment and how they impact business outcomes.

The automated and timely decision-making power of Robo-X exponentially increases the agility and scale of marketing, allowing even a less experienced marketer to become highly effective in maximizing the value of each customer interaction.

Robo-X is available as an add-on module to the company’s market-leading, flagship product NEON-dX, which is already delivering 2-7% uplift on net revenue for more than 100 clients of Flytxt around the world, including 60-plus telecoms operators. Through its proven packaged analytical models and dashboards for driving omni-channel digital engagement, NEON-dX allows enterprises to learn individual customer behavior and harness this data when creating campaigns.

Dr Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt, said: “Robo-X is one example of how society is witnessing the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The powerful amalgamation of technologies, such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is influencing so many aspects of our lives – both personally and professionally.

“Robo-X is an AI that can take marketing decisions on its own. As an intelligent companion for marketers, it will act as a force multiplier, increasing uplifts in revenue through campaigns run on NEON-dX.

“NEON-dX already offers a unique competitive advantage to some of the biggest companies around the world in some of the most innovative sectors, such as telecoms, financial services and travel. With the addition of Robo-X, marketers can now harness the power of artificial intelligence to create personalized customer interactions with a level of precision and scale that is beyond human capability, whether they are veterans of the industry or just beginners.”

Robo-X comes with powerful features such as:

Campaign Construction Advice: Robo-X uses AI to help marketers construct their program. The advisor function analyzes data from previous campaigns then makes suggestions to the marketer as they are building the campaign. For example, if it is an offer, Robo-X will leverage what it has learned in the past to advise on parameters such as demographics, geographies, and even the price.

Live Campaign Optimization: Robo-X continuously observes and benchmarks campaigns while they are running and prescribes corrective actions that will increase their impact. Such prescriptions help marketers to immediately respond and improve underperforming campaigns and scale up those that are doing well, increasing the overall outcome.

vAutomated Performance Guidance: Robo-X rates the performance of each individual campaign against the others as well as discovers reasons why some are successful, and others are not. Robo-X acts a trusted guide for the marketer, pointing out what is going well and what is not along with the reasons why, prioritizing and focusing the attention of the marketer on elements that will drive better business outcomes.

vMachine Learned Personalization: Robo-X creates personalized interactions to maximize the positive response from each customer using machine learning and optimization based on dynamic customer behavior, business strategy and customer context, as well as the feedback from each interaction. For instance, it creates personalized up sell and cross sell offers that best suit the expectations of the customer and strategy of the enterprise, continuously learning to adapt and improve itself.

The launch of Robo-X coincides with Flytxt’s 10th anniversary. Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics solutions for customer engagement to telecom enterprises. Robo-X is based on more than 20 patented technologies developed over several years of research in association with IIT, Delhi, and TNO in the Netherlands.

Flytxt’s client base consists of more than 100 businesses across a global network of 50 countries, including more than 60 communications service providers, such as Vodafone, MTN, America Movil, Viettel, Airtel, and Zain Group.
Dr Vasudevan said: “So much of our success is due to delivering measurable returns for our clients, who see the impact almost immediately after taking up NEON-dX.

“Our next generation software is already being used by the world’s leading data-intensive businesses. We expect more growth now with firms in more sectors realizing the impact that the powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Marketing Automation can have on their revenue.”

Flytxt, backed by leading technology investors from Germany and The Netherlands, expects to grow its business by 10 times over the next 5 years, investing USD 50 million through a combination of debt and equity.

The company’s headquarters is in The Netherlands, corporate offices in the United Arab Emirates and development facilities in India.

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