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Recombination of DNA: A drift of transformation in medical sector




Recombination of DNA A drift of transformation in medical sector

Technology of recombining DNA was discovered years ago and now it is gaining higher values in the medical sector. With the help of biotechnology DNA of different molecules are combined to generate a new species or organisms. This is using in various sectors apart from medical sector, such as agriculture, fishing, and many more. Earlier this technology was termed as genetic transformation but due to a possibility of explosion occurred in the earlier days the experiment was dragged into controversies. The idea behind this experiment was to isolate and modify individual genes.

Key developments in recombination of DNA technologies:

Before developing very first DNA, the experiments has gone through various controversies but few developments gave rigid pillars to the DNA recombination experiment and proven it a boon for various sectors. Few top key developments in this sector are listed below:

Cut and paste enzymes:

First development of DNA combination occurred when an American Biologist kept the theory that enzymes are responsible for joining and recombining separate species. As per the experts, every living creature has some specific DNA and in the presence of ligase only they can be glued together to generate a new one.

Inserting Foreign DNA into a New Host Cell:

Experts determined the ability to transfer foreign genetic material into cells, but this process was very inefficient. Then the development of technology came with a solution to use vectors for the efficient transfer of genes to a bacterial cell. Based on certain experiments it has been proved that few bacterial cells possess antibiotic resistant factors, also called as R-factor. Such R-factors has a tendency to replicate itself after entering into a foreign DNA.

Recombinant Plasmids in Bacteria

Another development in the DNA recombination was combination of two separate plasmid species with which the developed DNA can function like both the parent plasmids. These generated DNA has a potential of replacing the original one if required and act same as the parent DNA.


Applications of Environmental Biotechnology




Applications of environmental biotechnology

Technological growth has given a new world to live and every single folk is enjoying the rapid advancements and its applications but somewhere we are ignoring the after effects of such developments. Most the adverse effects of technological and other developments are noticed on environment. Each successive day, the amount of pollution in the atmosphere is getting doubled. Pollution is not only effecting pollution but also effecting human lives. As a solution, environment biotechnology is emerging as a boon to restore the quality of our environment.

Let’s understand what environmental biotechnology is?

There are certain procedures which are incorporated to retain the environmental quality. This is done by detecting the pollutants and finding best remedies for it. The major that causes pollutions are in three different states, solid liquid and gas. If these substances causing pollution can be resolved then a great difference can be brought in the environment. Environmental biotechnology offers best ways to purify pollutants and recycle it with harmless substances.

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors and it is having a great impact in environmental development and damage healing.

Application of environmental biotechnology:

To sustain the development of life and living being, environmental protection is mandatory. With the continuous growth of population, the consumption of various energy sources are depleting at a fast pace. Hence to secure our world and provide a new source of energy biotechnology has a great role.


Purification of pollutants is a basic need of our globe to survive a healthy life. But the methods used for the purification of pollutants present in the environmental aspects were having adverse effects and were disturbing life in several ways. Biotechnology has given a new and natural method to detoxify the pollutants, such as use of micro-organism for the purification methods, especially for the detoxification of soil, water, and other sediments. Distinct technologies developed for achieving these objectives are termed as bio reclamation, bio treatment, and bio restoration.

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Importance of Cell biology




Importance of Cell biology

Falling ill in our day to day life is a commonly seen scenario. In a day approx. 30% of folks feel sickness due to some or other problem related different body parts. Few of those are well familiar, having proper vaccine and treatment but few are really novel to treat it with existing treatments. Do you know, most of the health disorders are related to body cells or molecules? In order to understand various diseases properly and to find the best treatment, cell biology is a crucial factor. Either you talk about malaria or diabetes, cystic fibrosis or types of cancer, almost are caused due to cell or molecule level disorder. By understanding the cell activities and mechanism, cell biologist can determine the issue and are able to find the most potent and effective treatment.

What’s new in the medical sector?

Sudden change in the health conditions are troubling human lives. It restricts daily life schedule too, but it can be sorted to a great extent by predicting health conditions. It is now possible with the help of cell biological advancements. It allows experts to determine the health condition of a folk by studying their genetic information. With this technology you can be preventive for your health by taking apt precautions.

Cell biology has got a rapid growth in the medical sector and it has proven one stop solution for even human fertility issues. Cell biology is also effective in plants that give the best alternatives to clone crops and modify it with latest techniques. With the help of biotechnology, quality of food can be enhanced and prices can be reduced.

For medicine use also biotechnology is playing a great role. With the help of growing technology more effective medicines are prepared. Now with the cell study medicines can be developed based on several health conditions.

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Antibiotics & Vaccines: A gift of BioTech




Antibiotics and vaccines A gift of biotechnology

World has gone digitized, super swift, high tech, and a lot more advancement has been witnessed by the folks of present era, but also we are in the lap of a number of health issues that are restricting folks to lead their healthy and happy life. Along with the growth in various general life aspects, health issues are also strengthen by some or other means. Earlier also our world was facing such medical issues but the intensity was comparatively lower than present scenario. Hence, the antibiotics and vaccines used in the earlier life are now worthless. Now the present medical scenario demands a better and stronger medical facilities and treatments. Biotechnology has got solution for all these issues, as it offers the most advanced technologies for developing the most effective and harmless medical solutions. As compared to traditional times, now the ways of antibiotics production has been changed a lot and hence have got a number of better medical solutions.

Antibiotics production:

As the objective of antibiotics is to hinder the continuous growth of cells, hence cell immobilization is the key solution provided by microbiology to uncouple the growth of cells. For the production of antibiotics, secondary metabolism is one of the greatest methods offered by microbiology. For the antibodies production, various immobilization techniques have been tried. The biggest challenge infront of medical sector was a body part replacement. With the help of biotechnology, a new ray of hope has been discovered. Knee replacement, hip replacement, and hip revision surgery are the latest technologies which are responsible for bringing the medical sector to the peak of success.

Methods used for antibiotics development are natural fermentation, semi synthetic, and synthetic. In fermentation procedure, microorganisms are grown in large containers with a liquid growth medium with a precise amount of oxygen concentration, pH level, etc. In semi synthetic procedure the fermented metabolisms are then enhanced in the laboratory using various chemical reactions. Above mentioned both antibiotic production methods use bacteria but synthetic method is completely developed in lab using various chemical combinations.

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