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Major challenges faced by today’s education sector




There is a saying that “education is the only weapon that can change the world”. There are various sectors operating all across the world and each of them are working on various dimensions, but the only aspect that connects all these vertexes is education, which is acting as the foundation of every development and helping the world to take a new face.  Economic growth, social growth, productivity, and other developments are widely based on educational growth. On the other hand a rise of economy has been seen in recent years with growing educational sector which is making a great impact on the folks connected with it; few are receiving hand full of goodness rather few are downgraded due to continuously rising cost. In recent times, higher education is considered as one of the most expensive and also capital generating industry all around the world. Along with the rising cost, the expectations of students and responsibilities of institutions are highly elevated. Now folks are looking for a new transformation in educational sector which is becoming a challenge for this sector.

Other challenges faced by today’s educational sector are listed below:

Expectations of students:

Professional world is completely changed, now it seeks for highly skilled experts to perform their jobs. The rising cost of education is becoming one of the major reasons for the elevated expectations of students. Now, most of the students are looking for institutes that make them job ready with all the key skills and expertise required by the professional world.  Institutions are now supposed to enhance their curriculum with more effective methods and technologies.

Technology and digital innovation:

Day by day technology is coming up with advancement, giving a new face to every business sector. Now, students getting ready for the professional need to be well equipped with the latest technologies along with its use in the real world. Hence, institutions are now deemed to incorporate latest technologies in their syllabus and appoint highly experienced experts to educate their students. This is the only way to beat this ever growing competition and keep an institution as a priority for students.

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Tips for developing an inclusive education system




In today’s era, where everyone is deeming for human rights equality are highly working for the equality of genders, cast, creed, and other races. “What about the equality of differently abled folks?” Don’t they have a right to equality? If yes, and if the world is really looking to enhance the living standard and other rights of differently abled folks, then we have first bring an inclusive education system that provide the same standards of education for everyone. Making an inclusive educational system also means to make a system that is flexible to incorporate all the solution for every requirement of today’s growing world. This expanded system will be potential enough to provide equal opportunity to everyone.

What are inclusive education and its purpose?

Education is available to everyone but is it being provided at the similar level to everyone? The answer is no. There are number of disabled children who wish to learn, earn and grow. Education system all across the world is providing a specialized service to the differently abled students, but this system is actually segregating them from rest of the world. Different classroom, different types of curriculum are taking them far from the peer, keeping them totally untouched from the outer world. Everyone has to face the world with all potential and studentship is the best platform that educates the students to live in the society, interact with fellow beings and especially survive in this highly competitive world.

The concept of inclusive education system is to join all the loop holes of current education system by adding including differently abled students in the active educational system and educate them same like others to participate in the actual classroom.

A myth about inclusive education system:

A word is spread all around the world that inclusive education will create a negative impact on the students without disabilities. This is only a myth. Students are at a growing age and the guardians can shape their mind and believes with great positivity. Inclusive classroom will be a commencement of a new world where everyone will be equal without having any segregations in mind or community.

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Recent trends of education sector in 2020




From the digitized educational campuses till digital library, today’s teachers are using latest technologies to bring a revolution in education sector and change the latest teaching methodologies. This era is witnessing a new phase where education will get shifted to stay at home case. In this stage of life where people are bond to stay at home, new education trends are allowing the students to continue their studies being at home too. Adopting technologies are the only option that can bring schools home and can connect every student to each other developing an ambience of classroom. There are number of technologies involved in education sector to enhance the efficiency of educational sector.

Different technologies empowering educational sector are listed below:

There are a number of technologies that are incorporated in the educational sector these days to make it more informative and more appealing too. Technology has completely transformed the way of learning; let’s know how technology is becoming the biggest reason for educational change.

Technical learning:

White paged books with black text and few black and white images are really boring and also the knowledge is limited to the length of pages. To make the studies more interesting and make it vast to grab effective knowledge, technology is making enough efforts. Now students have a liberty of opting technical learning that connects students with the world of internet. Tech classroom extend the knowledge sacks allowing the students to seek information right from the beginning until the latest research and studies available.

Artificial intelligence:

Schooling was ever about getting theoretical knowledge just by looking at few static images. Now education sector has extended its hands to provide visual information about every element included in the curriculum by taking assistance of artificial intelligence and creating a virtual environment that can be experienced, touched, and edited using technologies. This is bringing in depth knowledge to the students and also making training procedure much innovative. Now most of the institutes started using artificial intelligence to give a direct reach to the technology to all students.

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Technology reshaping the world of education




Technology is transforming education, changing how, when, and where students learn and empower them at every stage of their journey. With the ultimate aim to personalize the learning process, the technology empowers students by giving them ownership of the complete learning process. Since the students are offered technology and access to resources beyond classroom walls, students have developed a lifelong love of learning. Technology can help educators create blended learning environments ad leverage digital tools for formative assessments, bringing new models for learning and teaching to classrooms.

How Technology is breaking barriers in education?

Many schools have started embracing the use of technology to enhance instruction and to support learning. Teachers have always been using computers as a great source for promoting their instructional goals. For instance, it is used for building student capacity for research, to drive reality in student inquiry, make students present information in appealing forms, and help students access education within and beyond the school.

Research purposes- Gone are the days when searching about a topic took a long time, now with the help of computer technologies students can access digital versions of these references and these are available worldwide. With the help of internet service in computers, students can access links to websites where students can access tools such as web cameras and global positioning websites. The famous dictionaries and knowledge sources called Wikipedia can be easily accessible.

Student inquiry- The technology has helped students to be engaged in real-world activities. The Internet has given access to every student the ability to make every education needs to be real and authentic for students. For example, electronic probes allow science students to collect precise weather, digitally trace data, and answer hypotheses. In the field of mathematics, calculators, spreadsheets and various graphic software can help the student to understand the difficult mathematical concepts in an easy manner.

Technology is transforming education, changing how, when, and where the students can learn and empower them at every stage of their journey. It also offers different opportunities to make learning more enjoyable in terms of teaching in new ways.

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