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Internet and Things

Internet of things (IOT), devices and connectivity concepts on a network, cloud at center. digital circuit board above global Earth.

IoT: Giving a new dimension to the world of internet

There are billions of devices round the world with a huge amount of data stored and transferred using long tedious methods. Now all the devices available can be interconnected for data collection, storage, and inter communication between devices, all this is possible with the emergence of Internet of Things. This technology has a potential to connect all the devices using small computer chip and wireless networks. IoT also facilitate us to add sensors to the devices so as to enable the device to communicate and share its real time position with other devices without any manual assistance. This technology is bringing a perfect balance between the digital and physical world by connecting it together and serving us more efficient and responsive future to work with. Real world devices working on IoT: Now we are enjoying a world which has power to switch on and off and change the functionalities of devices using your smartphone apps, this all is the miracle of IoT that enables your devices to connect with your smart phone using internet.

Amazing developments in the sector of IoT

Amazing developments in the sector of IoT

We are living in a world where every single thing, every single person is dependent on technology and is also transforming our lives at a great pace. Each morning of a human rises with a technological device which guides us, teach us, and also help us for our rest of the day. Almost credit of this technological growth goes to the internet which has made connectivity seamless and easier. An idea of creating global village has achieved with the help of internet and advancements which are made with the help of internet. In short we describe these advancements then the sector is renowned as Internet of Things. There are number of technologies which support IoT for its development.

Edge computing on the emergent: Edge computing is one of the most prominent developments in the sector of IoT. In the previous days data were transferred to cloud in the raw form from various devices but with the rapidly changing world and its requirement, IoT is transforming edge computing too.

Driverless or self driving car at road. Futuristic autonomous vehicle remote sensing system. Isometric view on smart auto near traffic light, 3d transport with wireless signal.Autopilot and navigation

IoT: A revolution in the automobile industry

Internet of Things, more commonly familiar as IoT has already established its footprints in various business industries, but the adventures it has made in the automobile sector is almost unbelievable. In the past years we have automobiles with a combination of mechanical and electronics engineering. Upcoming years will add several facilities to your existing automobile by incorporating IoT in it. It is estimated that in future there will be much more demands of software incorporated in the vehicles and most of the revenue will be generate with it. IoT will be completely changing the automobiles sector with its uses also. There are several benefits of IoT incorporation with automobiles; few of those are discussed here. Connected cars: Connected cars are going to be a game changer in the automotive industry and the latest cars with IoT technology are predictive to yield a revenue generation of approx. 1.3 trillion dollars in the very near future.

Automation industry concept with workers control robots and machines flat design vector illustration

Ways to use IoT for business acceleration and management

Internet is used by every single folk but hardly knows about the latest advancement emerged in the world of networks and internet, that is Internet of Things better known as IoT. Most of us might be even using IoT but hardly think of it. The usage of IoT has extended its wings almost in every sector, right from our daily work schedule of turning on and off electronic appliances till a rocket taking flight to several miles away from our reach. Then how the business sectors will remain untouched with this magic baton? From past decade as small incorporation of IoT was depicted in various businesses sectors but the involvement of this technology was very less. Within a time span of ten years this technology has taken a great hold over various business sectors and now it is really playing a huge role in transforming the business procedures, making them to think bigger, and of course being a ray of hope for a new technological world with amazing spike if revenue generation.

Smart city isometric illustration. Intelligent buildings. Streets of the city connected to computer network. Internet of things concept. Business center with skyscrapers. Eps 10

Where is the IoT Market Heading to in the near future?

Existence of IoT can be witnessed everywhere in the world, it has given a potential way for business development. This technology is rapidly transforming business industries and shaping them with the digitized force all across the world. The expected growth of IoT sector in the year 2021 is counted as $520 billion. It will be direct growth of 13.5% as compared to the present year. Most of the businesses, regardless of their sectors are incorporating IoT without exploring the future of IoT. Undoubtedly, there is plethora of benefits of using IoT, but before making it a backbone of your business you must be aware of the route map of this technological development. IoT can serve you with long term objectives, but condition is that you must know where it is heading to and what you will gain after a certain time period. Asset tracking and inventory management: Inventory management and asset tracking is one of the most tedious task for product based companies and also it demands a huge human labour to perform the tasks.

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