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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence and its scopes




Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is far more advanced and improved over Artificial Narrow Intelligence. It is applicable to general-purpose only. It can smartly and efficiently be applied to do variety of tasks; simultaneously learn and improve itself. As compared to the human brain or human intellect, AGI is similar and can function productively without any errors. Things that Artificial Narrow Intelligence could not do, Artificial General Intelligence can learn and improve to efficiently perform various tasks.

To link to the context that what AGI empowered application can do is that the intelligence of AlphaGo can be applied in various other areas apart from its main function to be able to play Go. Research is being carried out to explore the possibilities of Artificial General Intelligence.

Programmed to perform any task that a human is capable of, Artificial General Intelligence can imitate the cognitive abilities of humankind. AGI can find out a solution if faced with some task, which is hard to comprehend. The applications with Artificial General Intelligence software in-built are empowered to work effortlessly up on a single command.

Artificial General Intelligence combines a system with comprehensive knowledge and cognitive computing capabilities. As a case it is often referred as a strong AI. Its performance is similar to the action that a human mind would comprehend. But of course, the intellectual capacities of Artificial General Intelligence are broader and more comprehensive than human capabilities. Artificial General Intelligence has an incredible ability to access and process huge amount of data at an unimaginable speed.

In contrast to weak AI, strong AI can do any specific task or find solutions to any problem. The application powered by AI gains an advantageous ground in this area. Stephen Hawking was right in recognizing the scope of AI. He says, “It [strong AI] would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.”

Artificial general intelligence is an algorithm or comprises of a set of algorithms that can perform all tasks like or better than humans. The pace of AI development is decent, as what was just a mere idea, became and reality and what was a mere reality has provided many opportunities. Literally the strong AI and weak AI does not exist, it is deduced with its level of performance. A strong AI is the one that we imagine performing better than us. Similarly, it is termed as general because all general problems are included under the purview of Artificial Intelligence.

Weak AI is an algorithm that is programmed to do only one thing without any errors. It is good at solving only a few or very specific problems. However, researchers and scientists are testing many AIs’ separately trying to understand which task they are best at their performance. There is quite a bit of apprehension among the expert research teams if AGI is truly possible or even desirable. But, the growth of AI empowered application can never be ignored.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence reshaping the medical sector for a healthier future




Medical sector is growing at a great speed with the solution of various diseases which were unknown till now. The development is maximum based on digital technology and is giving rise to huge amount of digital data and automated services too. Artificial intelligence was earlier discovered for several well-known digital platforms for simplifying their process and serve more effectively to their users without any manual assistance, such as recognizing images on social media platform and giving automated suggestions on search engine result page. Sooner this advancement made small steps towards medical industry and artificial intelligence within no time was deployed in the medical sector for various processes and the major part of medical stream which is sorted and made swift with the help of AI is disease diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Use of artificial intelligence in medical industry:


On time diagnosis of a disease can give effective solutions for the disease and can be really helpful to avoid the life risk included with the disease. Artificial intelligence has given a prompt solution for this by automating the image analysis and diagnosis. This technology eradicates the probability of error to the least and gives most appropriate results in least possible time. With the present developments our doctors are enabled to give immediate reports of tumor detection, MRIs. And CTs. Future studies have been depicted that we will have effective cancer preventions too.

Drug discovery:

Artificial intelligence has a potential to determine new solutions using old available data and studies. There are a number of studies conducted for the drug and treatment development for various diseases but none has got all the studies together to find the best possible solution by counting all together. This miracle is possible with the use of artificial intelligence that brings all the available data together and brings out the best possible results out of it, such as a possible drug, equipment, and a type of treatment.

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Artificial Intelligence

Miracles of Artificial Intelligence in the Robotics Industry




Artificial intelligence and robotics are two distinct sectors but in the advancement of robotics there is a great role of AI. Well, Artificial Intelligence has worked at a great level for various sectors and has brought amazing transformations too. And when we talk about robotics, artificial intelligences act as the backbone for it. Now question might be how artificial intelligence can empower robotics? The answer you will get if you think which type of robot do you require? The one to which you need to feed command for every single ask, or the one which can grow itself, learn, and take decision required for the abased on the provided criteria. Thus, the impact of artificial intelligence on robotics is massive which is nowhere going to be slow down the pace of development. The major application of AI in robotics is to enhance the automation capabilities of various industries.

Few robotic capabilities that have been developed with the help of AI are listed below:

Sense and response:

Automation is being used in various business industries since several years but the traditional robots were bond to pick an object from a specified location and the further process to be followed as the predetermined data feed in the system. The robot was supposed to follow the same procedure till the object it is working for is known for the system. With the help of artificial intelligence, robots are now developed with the sensors and have a capability to identify objects and locations. It just needs details of the inputs to be processed and end result required by the machinery, the robot will set the process at its own by sensing the work environment without following any rigid procedure.


Mobility of a robot is no more a wonder for anyone as it is in practice since so many decades. With the help of artificial intelligence this mobility of robots has attained precession as never before. Even in complex and unpredicted work environment also these robots are now capable of giving the best and most precise outputs. AI has enhanced the existing robots to provide real time updates while travelling to the predetermined destination and also these bots are update to sense obstacles in advance and reroute by using its intelligence and reach the destination.

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Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence and its scopes

Artificial Intelligence proved that technology could imitate the human brain and actions. Narrow artificial Intelligence or narrow AI is a specific technology that it can imitate the human action to accomplish a task, which is narrowly defined. These actions, for example, include speech recognition and voice assistants. It would be good to know that narrow artificial intelligence has cognitive abilities and emphasize a single subset of this ability, where there is a further scope to make a few advancements in this area.




Narrow Artificial Intelligence and its scopes

An ability to adapt to machine and learning to a machine is Artificial Intelligence, as described in brief. But artificial intelligence is more than we know and perceived to be. There are 3 types of artificial intelligence.

Let’s look at the first type of AI and broaden our knowledge about narrow artificial intelligence:

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial Intelligence proved that technology could imitate the human brain and actions. Narrow artificial Intelligence or narrow AI is a specific technology that it can imitate the human action to accomplish a task, which is narrowly defined. These actions, for example, include speech recognition and voice assistants. It would be good to know that narrow artificial intelligence has cognitive abilities and emphasize a single subset of this ability, where there is a further scope to make a few advancements in this area.

Tracing the history of AI, narrow artificial intelligence marks the beginning of the basics of artificial intelligence, later, which developed into something more refined and improved. Since the time the computer was invented until the present time, various technologies have been put together to make the human effort easier. It would not be unfair to say that computers have surpassed the human abilities of computing and quantifying tasks. As technology advanced and technologies like narrow artificial intelligence came into place, people’s perception has changed. Probably, we want to know and explore what more artificial intelligence can offer. With endless opportunities, there is no limit to improving artificial intelligence.

With endless limits, narrow artificial intelligence scope is wide. Whether you want to play complex games or want to make some important business decisions and want to complete some critical and useful business tasks, smart devices and computers powered by AI can help you achieve with ease. The technology artificial intelligence systems are evolving and becoming more improved day after day. Narrow artificial intelligence was easier to comprehend, but as human brains are much improvised to accomplish more complex tasks, artificial intelligence striving hard to achieve similar brilliance. Phenomena, like natural language processing advancements, come closer to humans’ ideas. It can replicate the human mind and actions in a much more general strong artificial intelligence model. Technologies like this allow computers to write effective news stories and fiction novels based on what exactly a human mind can think, conceive, and act.

To role it up, narrow artificial intelligence is a stream of intelligence that can perform a single task smartly and intellectually as it is programmed to do so. The basic concept of AI is to learn or be programmed about a single task with intelligence and perform efficiently and smartly with minor or no errors.

The examples of narrow artificial intelligence are:

  1. Speech recognition is the ability of a machine or program to detect related words or phrases in the spoken language and transform the same into a format readable and identified by machines. The fundamental speech recognition software has a stock of limited words and phrases in its vocabulary. It can only recognize what lies in its spectrum and only when it is spoken clearly. To efficiently perform certain actions, it exclusively relies on specific audible and liable voice commands. This type of intelligence is achieved by humanity.

  1. The voice assistant is a digital assistant. It helps and provides solutions or results to the users through phones and voice recognition applications. To perform the tasks, it uses voice recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis.

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