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Applications of Telemedicine




In recent days, telemedicine has gained popularity among common folks. Now people are opting telemedicine options instead of physically visiting the healthcare specialist. In this critical scenario, when folks are restricted from visiting public places, telemedicine is allowing all folks to connect with their health consultants and getting them closer. There are number of applications developed with the help of technology to boost health sector. If you are willing to know more about the major applications and there uses then you are on the right page.

Few telemedicine applications are listed below:

Chronic Health Management:

A regular heath checkup or any serious health issue, weight checkup, blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc. are the major aspects which are monitored by any doctor. To do all these physical presence was mandatory, but now with the help telemedicine chronic health management is easy and can be done remotely.

Prescription compliance:

The more you ignore your health issues, more you invite the health risks. Just being far from the healthcare specialist is not a reason to postpone your health checkup. Telemedicine application allows you to connect with the healthcare specialist and attain prescription from the specialists.

Store and forward:

Keeping medical record of a patient for years was a tough task, but not anymore. With telemedicine, data storage, data tracking, and data management has become an easier task which gives an easy access to the medical records of each patient even after years. This also facilitates you to transfer the medical details from one place to another using internet.

Sleep disorders:

Sleep disorder is one of the most common issues faced by a number of folks. Telemedicine is giving a permanent solution to the folks struggling with sleep disorders. Telemed device has the potential to serve a direct treatment along with the investigatory techniques.

Telemedicine is one stop solution that brings the healthcare experts to the bed of patient and make the treatment more feasible and affordable too.

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Benefits & challenges of telemedicine




A number of changes have witnessed by the world in the recent years and the best achievement of technological advancement has transformed the way of thinking of society. Today, telemedicine is one of the hottest topics prevailing all across the globe. There are number of benefits of telemedicine whereas there are number of challenges too faced by telemedicine growth. There are a number of examples which ended to the loss of life due to unavailability of medical assistance at the right time, and most of the times the reason is location of the patient which is far away from the reach of medical assistance. This is the most basic requirement that boosted the innovation of telemedicine to assist the folks who are remotely settled. The innovations have given a way to operate telemedicine app with other apps to make it more effective and productive for better health management.

There are a number of benefits offered by telemedicine with which the world is experiencing assistance of medical professionals. This amazing innovation also has another side of the coin which has extended challenges to the industry. Few of the benefits and challenges are mentioned below:

Benefits of telemedicine:

  • No transportation time and cost:

At the time of medical emergency most of the issues are created due to the distance that a patient needs to cover to reach the healthcare center. The telemedicine allows the patient to get in touch with the healthcare professional immediately whenever they seek help and get an instantaneous solution.

  • Choice of specialist:

The advanced telemedicine application allows the folks to get rid of the geological boundaries and choose the expert of their choice. On app you get a number of experts along based on their specializations and facilitate the experts to choose any.

Challenges faced by the telemedicine sector:

  • Service awareness:

The biggest challenge faced by the telemedicine industry in lack of service awareness. It took a long time to generate awareness among folks to use telemedicine app. If you check a couple of years back, none of the folks were aware of such technology. It took long for folks to get use to with the telemedicine technology.

Calculating the benefits and challenges of telemedicine sector, benefits are overwhelming the challenges. There are only limited challenges which are faced by the industry and the advancements in technology have provided effective ways to overcome all the major challenges.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Telemedicine growth




COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting human life and is a biggest threat for humans restricting folks to go to a public place and also social gatherings. At this crucial time, telemedicine has proven itself as one of the biggest weapon to fight against this threat. Demand of telemedicine experienced a sudden shoot drastically. As per studies and predictions the use of telemedicine will grab a seven fold height in upcoming five years. In present stage, our society needs a strong medium to maintain social distancing and medical centers were a place where physical presence of patients was mandatory to get the medical assistance. But telemedicine is giving a pathway to access the medical assistance virtually using technology.

Why telemedicine is gaining popularity?

Telemedicine is offering a number of opportunities which are increasing standard of care. Every day this technology is scaling up its features and serving with much better solutions. Few of the opportunities offered by telemedicine:

User-friendly sensors:

Telemedicine allow the patients to conduct their diagnosis remotely. That means no more physical appearance at the medical care centers. With the help of telemedicine software now tracking health conditions is easier and accurate too.

Artificial intelligence:

The role of artificial intelligence is much crucial which has deployed robotics in the telemedicine. This technology adds ease and accuracy to the medical analysis with medically intelligent tools and devices. This technology has the potential to study and analyze the human body from a far distance using certain platforms.

Big data analytics:

To analyze each patient their medical records is a basic requirement. Big data allow the healthcare specialist to record data online and make accessible from anywhere any time. It also assists you to transfer the data from one place to another in a moment. Deployment of big data made storage of health records forever.

There are many more opportunities offered by telemedicine and it is a boon for today’s world to fight and survive with the best medical assistance.

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Factors driving telemedicine towards growth




A number of aspects of real technological world are changing our day to day life and medical sector is undergoing through a tremendous change making a new way for the technological inception. The biggest issues faced by medical sector were its unavailability in most of the rural area, due to which a huge number of folks were deprived of medical assistance. For every minor issue they required to travel a longer distance to consult a professional. Also till past era, medical sector was bounded into geo-locations. People were forced to select a consultant, who is near to their residence. Telemedicine has emerged as a one-stop solution for all these mentioned aspects. Behind development of medical sector, there are a number of factors that pushing up the medical industry with great changes. Few factors that have made major changes in this sector are listed here. To know more about the factors of medical sector development, keep reading.

Few factors responsible for telemedicine development are listed below:

Improved data management:

As per current scenario and the studies conducted in the healthcare sector, a huge amount of data is being generated in data to day work of medical sector. Managing data needs tremendous manual work that engage a huge labor. With the development of remote healthcare, remote patient monitoring we are able to access data of a huge number of patients at a time. The powerful data management allows the experts to access the data within no time.

Demand driven delivery:

Earlier, folks never had a choice to select the type of service they require. It was just the professionals who decided the services to be granted. With the development of telemedicine, now patients have the liberty to choose the type of service they require and also the professional of their choice.

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