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Aerospace and Defense

American soldier in military uniform preventing cyber attack in military intelligence center. An US officer intercepting messages to stop terrorism. Modern warfare system surveillance concept.

How cyber security plays a crucial role in defense industry?

In defense sector every minute is important, a delay of single minute can create big loses. Defense requires a technology which is efficient, prompt, and quick, just like its force. Like other business industries, defense is also heading towards the digital world with a growing digital data generation, storage, and also transmission. Data security in defense industry holds a critical level that weighs equal to security of the nation. The defense data are exchanged at several levels and this sensitive data being on a digital channel has a threat of cyber-attack. The US government has issued several cyber security regulations those are mend for the defense contractors in order to boost the security. Role of cyber security in defense: The main objective of cyber security is to protect information and data saved on digital networks and also to provide a safe channel for data propagation.

Shot of a fighter pilot inspecting his aircraft

Aerospace and Defense Industry Outlook in 2020

The year 2020 has come up with several challenges for everyone. None of the business industries are untouched from its impact and so the aerospace and defense industry too.  Based on the last year’s business growth, year 2020 was predicted with lot more hopes and was forecasted with a high demand of aircrafts. The rapid technological growth was expected to come up with many more latest innovations to bring revolution in the industry. Since, the pandemic hit the globe very immensely and dragged all the predictions below the line. Now, aerospace and defense industry requires a potential strategy that can cover up all the new challenges occurred due to pandemic and again thrive over the industry with new ray of hopes. Anyhow, aerospace is one of the most impacted business sectors due to pandemic but the major consciousness has been witnessed by commercial aerospace sectors that even lad many aerospace agencies to windup their services due to least traffic of passengers.

September 24,2016- San Diego, California,USA. Marines soldier and squadron of helicopters aircraft flying at the 2016 Miramar Air Show in San Diego, California. The 2016 Miramar Air Show features 3 days of military aircraft performing free to the general public and the showcase of the US Navy Blue Angels.

Drone technology: A new face of aerospace and defense industry

Drones, also known as unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) are an amazing innovation which can be considered as a miniature pilotless aircrafts in the air preprogrammed for the functionalities and also can be controlled from a far distance. These small aircrafts are gaining a rapid popularity among various industries but the mass adoption of this technology is still a question mark for several industries. On the other hand there are few industries which were considered as impenetrable for such technologies are now adopting the drone technology at a huge scale for distinct purposes, and one of those sectors are defense. The drones have made its impeccable space in those industries which were stagnant for other technologies. Right from the delivery at the peak and busy hours till penetrating in a far military camp, drone has proven its expertise and efficiency. It has a potential to increase the work efficiency and drag the workload down by automating certain tasks.

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